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03-08-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by HansH View Post
A much simpler algorithm than sportsclubs. I'm taking the current record of all teams for their points percentage, then multiplying that by 96 (48 games times 2 points per game) to get their projected points. Then I'm looking at the standings of those projected points and seeing where the playoff cutoff comes. Right now, Minnesota projects to 9th place with 52 points, so 53 points or more (by teams who are currently in playoff projection position) would keep the Kings in the playoffs. For a team that is not currently in projected playoff position, they would need to get enough points to knock out the projected 8th place team (right now, a tie between Dallas and St. Louis at 54 points each), so Phoenix or Minnesota would need to surge ahead to 55 points to knock one of them out.

Anaheim is projected to 76 points by this method, so 77 points would give the Kings the Pacific Division.

I'm sure there's a lot more math and modeling and specifics of the upcoming schedule and games that goes into the sportsclub models you mentioned -- I'm just going quick and dirty.
Ah ok, cool. Was just curious.

I have no doubt that Anaheim will not have nearly as good a 2nd half as their first, so I think the division will be taken with a mich lower record than that, IMO...

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