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03-08-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Respect Your Edler View Post
I'm sorry that you got offended because someone on the internet has a different opinion from yours.
I'm not offended. You were just really wrong about what Smith would bring back, and I think you'll be wrong about the Chiefs this upcoming season.

They're phasing out two tackles in their late 20s who played well for them, They are using a 1st overall pick and something else to replace two pieces that were not broken. It's not like these changes are going to be cheaper financially either. More importantly, they seem to be doing it because they want to shift their scheme and rely more on Alex Smith, and less on Jamaal Charles.

Once again, Reid is being extremely inefficient with his resources in KC.
I don't agree with them letting those tackles go, but we don't even know what Reid and co have in store to replace those guys. I'll wait until the dust settles to judge.

Also, where do you get this in regards to Smith and Charles?

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