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03-08-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by mydnyte View Post
Leafs need a #1 center much more than a defensive d-man, especially with a backlog of d-men already, and Gunnar is one of our better d-men

...unless you think Calgary would go crazy and trade JayBo for that package
Leafs have a lot of defensemen yes but we can only play one guy next to Phaneuf. Having a bunch of #3-6 defensemen does not change the fact that the Leafs need someone other than Phaneuf capable of playing on a top pairing. Gunnarsson was that guy last year but for whatever reason Carlyle doesn't want to play him with Phaneuf. Gunnarsson is one of the Leafs better defensemen absolutely, but you've gotta give to get. If the Leafs could get an upgrade on Gunnar the defensive core would be looking real good. Having one need doesn't mean you should neglect another so #1 center doesn't really have anything to do this unless a #1 center is being traded for Kulemin + Gunnar (which they won't be).

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