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03-08-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by SoTzuMe View Post
Thanks for not addressing any of the points in my post and misrepresenting my position again! Have a nice day.
When I said that supplemental discipline by it self has not, does not and never will work" this is your reply

Hasn't worked because the rules aren't strict enough (EDIT: I meant to say "supplemental discipline isn't strict enough") and officials aren't given the tools they need to do the job properly.

How is this misrepresenting your position ? you are offering a solution to the problem that I said wont work. You specifically say that supplemental discipline is not strict enough, whose job is it to administer supllemental discipline ?

I'm sorry that you cant logically support your own words, but please stop claiming I'm misrepresenting them when I show them to be untenable.

have a nice day right back at you.

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