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Originally Posted by vBurmi View Post
Those are much better (other than adding National in front of the conferences) and I think that's what TSN was originally calling them when the first 4-division proposal came out. Midwest just seems like pandering to the American crowd. No one refers to any part of Canada as midwest Canada.

From wikipedia:

Note: Detroit is very much a part of the midwest - yet another reason I think it's crazy that Detroit is moving east, on top of the issue of balanced conferences and existing rivalries. Colorado, Dallas, Nashville and Winnipeg are not part of the midwest. The NHL is 3/7 on that one.
No region in Canada is techincally part of the "midwest" as the term refers specifically to an American region. With that said, however, Winnipeg is definately in a "midwestern" area of the continent, and Manitoba does have it's border with midwestern states (Minnesota specifically), so on that basis, it does kind of suite us. But all in all, I think they could have come up with a better division name.

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