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Originally Posted by Wizeman View Post
I dont trade anything because its my honest belief Nonis is going to have to over pay him or he walks as a UFA .

Leafs wont trade him anyways unless they are totally out of the playoff picture next deadline. The time to trade Kessel was last summer when the fanbase could still understand rebuild .

Now they are going to make the playoffs and cant trade him.
I feel like Leafs management will do everything to avoid that scenario, including trading him now while they're in the playoff race.

They simply cannot have made the trade they made, and then lose him for nothing. That would be completely irrevocably unacceptable to the fanbase.

Dreger, whose inside information I actually trust, especially with the Leafs since he's Nonis' cousin, has come out and said something along the lines of (paraphrased) "Leafs management isn't fooled by their current position in the standings. They know there are several key holes on the roster that need to be filled, that teams are calling about Kessel, and that Nonis is listening, even if he's not actively shopping him". There are also the rumours that Nonis initially was strongly against the trade to acquire him, and didn't think he was a guy to build around.

Now do I think he'll be traded this season? Probably not. But I don't think it's off the table either. IMO Nonis is willing to move him, just has to see the right deal. And that doesn't mean the equivalent of what the Leafs gave up, because that's obviously not going to happen.

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