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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
No. Repost.
So I'm driving to work (a little late I wanted Arby's) but I figured that most competent people don't ACTUALLY go 60 on the parkway and that I'll have no problems getting to work. I'm driving along and bam we have a guy going 60. Now I'm not mad because technically he's going the speed limit. There's another clown behind this guy. Now keep in mind this is winter. While there may be no snow on the roads, there are also no leaves on the trees. I can see as far as my two eyes want. I tell myself "I'm going to pass these 2 guys". I see 2 solid yellow lines but I'm also looking ahead, I see the turn and I see through the trees that there's nobody. I take the route often so I feel very comfortable making this pass. I fall back and I give it my all. I'm passing 2 cars here. Fly by both of them then slow down to 80 and keep going.

Moments go buy and guess who's in my rear view mirror. Who else buy Mr. Vigilante himself in his Dodge Charger. I don't know if this guy is chasing me, or just being a jack***. We are going 80 and this guy was right on my ***. So I keep going on my merry way and pull into work. Guess who also pulls into my work. Who else buy this Vigilante. Now where I work you need to be on a special list to get in or you're not getting in. So as I'm going in this clown cuts me off. To everybody else it looks like he's breaking in and all hell breaks loose. I'm sitting there laughing inside going WTF seriously.

Almost instantly the RCMP pull up and this cop was furious with this clown. I'm talking FURIOUS. And all he can say is "He passed a double solid yellow" "He was going 150km/h". Now I laughed and told my buddy that if I was going 150 this clown would have had to be going well over 200 to catch up to me as fast as he did. Anyways cop asks me what's up and what have I done. I tell him what I told you now and he takes my license and registration. Runs my name to see a clean guy. Gives it back and tells me basically to be careful these vigilantes can make police work ridiculously difficult, ad if he really wanted to he could tag me with reckless driving.

Looking back I know what I did to piss him off. To be brutally honest if I were in the exact same situation I'd maybe do it again. It's all situation based. I was late for work, felt comfortable, bla bla bla. I drive a $40,000 machine. I'm not going to deliberately do something to break it.

Anyways. Some of you will laugh, some of you will hate on me for what I did. I just felt like it was a story I could share with my fellow Loungers.

For beowulf (and anybody who cares) It was Rockcliffe Parkway.

EDIT. We're talking Kilomanmeters here. Not Miles.

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