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03-08-2013, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by lablite47 View Post
As far as Thomas and Kopitar are concerned, I wonder how LA would have done without his Canadian born supporting staff such as Richards, Carter and Doughty? How about Thomas without Seguin, Horton, Marchand and Lucic. Malkin without Crosby and Letang. Not very far I'm afraid. Just so happens that Boston Bruins had 18 of 25 of their players being Canadian while LA had 16 of of 28, both teams with the highest number of Canadians on their rosters won the last 2 Stanley cups of the teams involved in the finals.. Definitely not a coincident IMO. For now anyways, I wouldn't be willing to risk my first pick on another Yugoslavian that might end up as as good as Kopitar. Odds would not be in my favour I'm afraid. I would rather take my chances on Drouin thank you very much! Americans are getting better in terms of passion towards the game but still have a ways to go IMO. What have the Canucks won relying on their 2 superstar Sedin sisters as nucleus'?
Didn't Thomas win the Conn Smythe? Wasn't Kopitar that elite, 2-way, big #1 center that people are always raving about that you have to have? Hell, how was either team going to win those cups without their Conn Smythe winning AMERICAN?????

Go god dam figure the teams have a majority of Canadians! It's mostly a Canadian league and mostly a Canadian sport. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. Not one god dam person on this board would have figured that out, Canadian, American, or Swedish. Not one of us could have figured that out.

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