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03-08-2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingbobert View Post
you're right at the end of the day if all these big contract equal to more than 50% of revenues, the players salary will be cut but why even get there.

the owners were united when fighting the cba but obviously dont give a damn as soon as they left the negotiations. There back at it. Theyre digging themselves another hole to fill with their tears come next cba.
if ducks didnt give him the money another owner would have which is what the problem is. I hope they players come out of this cba same as last cause whatever little support they had last time they'll lose for next time

That being said, congrats on the huge pay day Getz!
a bit high, but deserving had one bad year dont let that fool you. He's a complete player. Not alot of centers with his production have his skill set
Noooo. Because it doesnt matter.

Its 50%. Regardless of what your cap numbers say, you have to pay out 50%. Overpay players, underpay players, pay them exactly right.....none of these matter.

Cap hits can become ridiculous if they want. All it will do is even out the talent on each team. But owners fought for the percentage. They got it. Its 50% of revenues. Things cant get out of hand by signing bad cap-hit contracts, because the dollars paid out is what matters, not the cap hits on a sheet of paper.

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