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03-08-2013, 12:41 PM
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Assuming Anaheim retains Perry for 8.25 M and Hiller for 4.5 M + at least one of SSlanne/Koivu's combined salary of 8.3 M drops down to 5 M on whatever other players and Palmieri gets a raise to 3 M, Holland gets a raise to 2 M, one of the 3rd or 4th liners gets 1 M and Lydman's cap hit is replaced by Lindhol'ms 1.8 M + a little bit more then Anaheim's salary for 2014-15 will be around 65-70 M.

That is not bad but in 2015-16, they have to renew the contract of their entire defence minus Fowler who's at 4 M and Bobby Ryan will also be a UFA. If the NHL cap in 2015 is significantly higher than what it will be next year then it will not be a problem but if it stays in the 60-75 M range then it might be. But for next year even if they're tight up against the cap, they should be okay because they won't really be giving too many raises nor will they need to spend like a competitor because they're still rebuilding next year imo.

I'd think that they can offer the same amount of $ to Perry and hope he accepts then take their chances and try keeping him. Worst comes to worst, they move Ryan instead of Perry before Ryan becomes an FA. The other solution would be to spend less on goalies by trading one of Hiller/Fasth (or not re-signing Fasth) and using John Gibson who's gonna be on an ELC the next 3 years I believe. If they don't have an internal budget then it's not a problem I'd say because they'll be able to have a bit of room and spend to the cap. If they don't wanna spend more than 64 or 65 M in 2-3 years from now then they'll continue to be a team with good top end players and poor depth like they were last season.

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