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03-08-2013, 12:54 PM
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How many times have the Oilers restricted a team to less than 28 shots this season?


That's kind of amazing when you think about it.

Not a single game where the Oilers have held their opponent to fewer than 28 shots.

Teams that AVERAGE 28 shots against per game or less:

ST LOUIS 23.3... 24th in goals against
LOS ANGELES 24.2... 11th in goals against
NEW JERSEY 25.7...14th in goals against
CHICAGO 26.8... 1st in goals against
NASHVILLE 27.1... 6th in goals against
PHILADELPHIA 27.2... 25th in goals against
MONTREAL 27.2... 8th in goals against
BOSTON 27.3... 4th in goals against
MINNESOTA 27.5... 9th in goals against
VANCOUVER 28.0... 10th in goals against

Oilers 15th in goals against... better than the Blues and Flyers and similar to the Devils.

So 10 teams average less shots against than the Oilers best efforts.

They lead the league in shots against.

A net differential of minus 5.6 shots. Projected over a full 82 game schedule that would work out to 459 more shots against than for.

Using a conservative 8% shooting accuracy by opponents... that's equivalent to an extra 37 goals in a full season just based on that excess of shots given up. Essentially a half goal per game given up just based on shots differential alone.

I'm not making excuses for Dubnyk. He isn't perfect but he's stolen some games for the Oilers as well and kept them in some when they had no chance otherwise.

The Oilers suck defensively and their mediocre offense only accentuates that instead of helping to cover it up.

You can blame Dubnyk all you want for soft, untimely goals... and sometimes it happens but facing all that rubber I'm not at all surprised.

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