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03-08-2013, 12:56 PM
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Tron Stick review

I looked at a few sites, including this post, to see what I could find out about Tron sticks. I was disapointed at the lack of information, but figured for $100 I would take a chance on it. I purchased the 405XS grip. As a way of background, I played college hockey in the late 1990's and currently play in an A division of a men's league. I now play forward (I was a defensemen my whole life) and am about 190 pounds. I am generally one of the leading scorers in my league (not bragging, as it is just a beer league, but I think it helps to know the level of the reviewer). The other sticks I have and have recently used were the CCM crazy light and the Easton RS (?). Both top of the line sticks over $200.

Now for the review. First impression. It was light. Very light. Made me a touch nervous it was so light. When I got into warm ups, my first thoughts were that it was OK for shooting (which is fairly normal for me with a new stick line as I never try a new one and have all my shots go where I want. Maybe it is me?). Decent pop, not the best but not the worst. Stickhandling felt very nice, seemed to have a good enough balance, and just felt good when I had the puck. I was impressed with the speed on my first slap shot, had a nice flex for a mens league slapper where you don't really lean into it. May be a touch too much flex ( I got 87) to really bear down, but only an ass really bears down at my age. Passing was accurate, so far so good.
The first concern came when I got a hard pass in tight on my backhand. Stick felt a little soft on it (had to be the stick not me missing it). After getting a few more similar passes, it seems that when passes were in tight, something was off. I am guessing it is more the lie, but but could be based on how the blade is fused. It is not made to the same standards as some of the top sticks, in that the seams are more noticable.
The stick broke in the 2nd shift of my third game, which did make me sad. I had received a few big slashes in the couple games I played, but durability was now a concern. It was still under the warranty so I emailed to send it back. I did not get an email back (huh, this might be bad) but did call a little over a week later and the guy on the phone sent me the info. I shipped it back (had to pay $10 to Tron for return shipping in addition to cost to ship it to them. This was different than other sticks). If it were off the warranty I would not have gotten another Tron. But since it was I was willing to delay my final decision on quality as I have broken plenty of sticks in the first couple of games. Once they received my stick I got the replacement back in two days, which was a nice surprise.
I have used the replacement stick for a little under two months of weekly play and a weekend tourny where I played 5 games. It is holding up as well as any stick I have had except for one Old Easton Stealth that is a beast and I use only when a game gets verry chippy and I don't want to break my real stick when I slash back and break their stick. So I do like the stick. Enough that I just ordered the 100k and will follow up in a few months.

So I think the sticks are a good deal. I would not say they are just as good as the top end $250 stick. A little less pop and that issue with the blade flex in the heel. The light weight is something I like, others may feel it is too light. In conclusion I have recommended them toeveryone of my team (no takers yet which is actually a little surprising) and will continue to buy them until something makes me want to stopr until something cooler comes along. That is my full and honest review. I have no affilitation with Tron, just wanted to add an opinion to a subject that is very limited.

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