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Originally Posted by azaloum90 View Post
I agree they both love hockey. The issue is that Chico seems to love the Devils a bit more than he loves hockey. He does several things that piss most people off:

1) Calling players by their first name constantly SCREAMS homerism... When you call Zajac "Travis", it makes you sound like you're wiping this guys ass for him after he takes a dump.

2) His hard on for Marty Brodeur. Agreed that the goalie is good (though not as good as his record suggests, personal opinion). The problem is, Chico (as well as most devils fans) find Marty to be the BEST goaltender in the league, sometimes in history, when he simply isn't, and hasnt been close to that for almost 10 years now... Flopping your feet in the air and throwing your stack pad save does not make you an amazing goalie... Lets not forget Patrick Roy, Mike Richter, Dominick Hasek, hell even the newer generation of Tim Thomas, Henrik Lundqvist, etc... I think anyone (other than a homer devils fan) would admit that all of those goalies performed better than Brodeur in their prime

3) His "sayings" that he claims the players are thinking are just ridiculous... "and travis is saying ooooohhh I've had enough".... dude, you have these guys on mic or something? be quiet, and let the fight/scrum develop... He acts as though he "hangs out" with these guys every night. I'm sure he knows them on a level better than me, but he really isn't qualified to continually "say what they are thinking", because quite frankly he doesn't...

4) His bias when announcing is nearly as bad as the Pittsburgh Penguins announcer (though the Pitt announcer is much worse in the end)... Every single time the devils get a penalty, he whines about it for the next 3-5 minutes... Not to mention how whenever the devs get even a glimmer of light in their dead play, he starts saying things like "Is the tide turning now?!"... One odd man rush in the 3rd period does NOT indicate anything other than a decent scoring chance (and that chance is usually directly due to the other teams mispositioning, aka TOTAL chance, not because of the devils skill). If the guy worked for MSG, he would have been fired by now...

5) Lack of factual information, especially when regarding the other team. Listening to the Rangers, I love when Joe pops in a quick tidbit regarding the opposing teams star player, or an injury they just had the night before, etc. it's great to know that you're connected throughout the league. I RARELY hear Chico do this, and that there shows that he really loves his Devils, not his hockey.

In his defense, he does know hockey, and does enjoy what he does, so I'll give him that. he's just a pain in the butt to listen to. There is always an issue that he needs to whine about, or drone about
As a Ranger fan, it sure seems like your hate for the Devils would play into this opinion, no? Its tough to look at these things objectively, and people rarely do.

Personally, when I look at Emrick vs. Rosen, my heart wants me to think Rosen is better. But my brain knows Emrick is the superior play by play man.

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