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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
I'm sorry since you seem to be all "statistical" I looked at the poll and the closest it ever got to the NHL is " professional hockey".

Unless I missed it the question " should the NHL ban fighting" was not asked.

Asking should measures be taken to reduce fighting in hockey, is a completely different kettle of fish that shold the nhl ban fighting.

But as a fan of statistical analyses, I suspect you know this.
I don't really understand the relevance of this response. Notice I haven't once tried to advance the viewpoint that the NHL should be using this poll to help determine policy. What I am doing is pointing out ignorance related to the polling process and data inference itself.

much like you know that the bradley effect is likely implicated
There's considerable debate among statisticians as to what degree the so-called Bradley Effect even exists. I'd need to see some actual hard data (such as a statistically significant difference between live and automated polling) for this particular question that supports its presence.

as the non-fighting crowd had done such an admirable job of depicting the pro fighting crowd as knuckle dragging mouth breathing sadists, out to sate some deep help blood lust and corrupt the children.
What's the point of setting up a straw man and knocking it down? There's been a lot less of that in this thread, anyway, than insulting comments (largely gender-related) towards many expressing anything less than a supportive position for fighting.

Support for pornography in public opinion polls is pretty low, i guess the people who do admit to it must have some pretty deep pockets.
This is relevant to the discussion how?

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