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Originally Posted by Trognitz View Post
of course. i would aslo break it up if one guy was seemingly getting destroyed. of course i've seen several guys [including myself] make a great comeback when they seemingly getting seriously hurt. and i've seen some people who were dwarfed kick the snot out of bigger guys [happened to me as well]

humans r nothing more than the most advanced form of animal, a hybrid of simians and xtra terrestials. u must have more to the ancient alien in u that u have simian genes

i do hate uneven odds. i got hammered a bunch of times by being outnumbered and i'll always help a guy getting wolfpacked.
This is essentially all you need to know to answer the questions. We are animals with base desires and reactions, it's just some try to remove themselves from their animal nature and sugarcoat things. Almost every person who has ever told me they are against fighting, when I ask them if they stand during a fight, they say "yes". That alone should tell you just how much animal nature drives us.

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