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Name: Matt
Age: 26
Sex: M
Birthplace: Ferguson, MO
Hometown: Ferguson, MO
Mode of Transportation: 2008 Mazda 3
How and when you became a Blues fan: Just born to Bleed Blue
Favorite Blues Player: Perron
Favorite NON Blues Player: Brodeur
Your Definitive Blues Moment: Way too many.
First Blues Game Attended: That I can remember a game in 1996 vs NDJ 4-4 tie.
College Attended/Attending: SEMO
Music You Listen To: Blues, Country, Folk, Oldies, Irish
Favorite Band(s): John Mayer, Mumford and Sons, Beatles, CSNY, Bob Dylan
Favorite Movie(s): Inception, Dark Knight trilogy, Memento, Big Lebowski
Favorite Food: Garlic bread, mushrooms, potatoes, sushi
Favorite TV Show: Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, House of Cards
Hobbies: Hockey, tennis, baseball, ping pong, playing with my dogs, debating about politics, reading, going out and drinking with friends

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