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03-08-2013, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
I refuse to believe that Sacco is this dumb to bench Barrie in favor of Zanon or O'Brien. I've actually got a new theory going that Sacco isn't making the calls on who sits, I think management is making the calls. Basically the way I see it is management doesn't want to look stupid for giving Zanon a 2.25M contract and O'Brien a 2M contract to ride the pine, so they tell Sacco scratch the guy on a 2 way contract only making 900K and make up some lame excuse of "growing pains" type issue for Barrie.

Last game Barrie was 2nd amongst our dmen in TOI by a decent amount, that sure as heck doesn't sound like defensive struggles. If someone is struggling they usually get the least amount of ice time. This is why I feel Sacco is just a puppet because, he played the kid a ton even though he was supposedly struggling but the next game he is out and his reasoning for that were some bogus lines that sound like some company line BS. Think about this logically he gave a ton of ice time to a player that was "Struggling" so much so he got benched the next game, wouldn't that make Sacco look retarded for playing him so much the previous game. Why would he want to make himself look dumb?

Not saying Sacco is smart or a good coach, but I feel like there is some pressure from above on him on who to play due to contracts. I guarantee that when Wilson comes back if we haven't traded anyone by them that Barrie gets sent to Erie due to our contract situation with our pylons.
No...I think he really is that dumb. He even cited a "drop in play" by Barrie, even though there hasn't been a "rise in play" from Zanon the whole damned season.

But if indeed he's getting his hands tied by management, that probably means he's on his way out. I just don't see that though. As much as I hate Sherman, I don't see him being the kind of guy who would actually force lineup changes on his coach.

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