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03-08-2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
So, you don't watch him and just go with the HF beliefs of the player, good to know. He plays second line, behind a guy who was a top 10 rw last year. Hemsky is still a top 30 rw in the game, easily. He doesn't "get hurt often" either. He had two major injuries and missed significant time, but outside of those, he has played the average number of games in the league most years. His injury status on HF is highly over rated, especially considering he has taken some pretty big hits on those surgically repaired shoulders, showing that they are indeed now better. He is certainly not ridiculously overpaid, he is making what he should. I don't see how him being a playmaker instead of a scorer decreases his value either. His game is what it is, and he is still one of the best at what he does. The only thing you have right is that he doesn't play a two way game, but even there, he's not a major liability either. Watch some games and analyze a player for yourself instead of just reading dozens of incorrect threads and assuming they are right.
Saying he is still a top 30 rw in the game isn't exactly a glowing compliment. He is probably toward the lower of that portion at best. I would say maybe even lower. That to me, says he isn't among the top 100 in the NHL. I have watched Edmonton over the years and have seen Hemsky various times, when healthy and that hasn't been much the last three years. A 5 million dollar player to me should be playing 70 games at least; score 20-25 goals and put in 70 points and plays a good solid two-way game. Hemsky isn't that player. Sorry. He hasn't been a 20-goal scorer for four years and a 60 point guy for the same four years. Probably because he hasn't been healthy, another reason why he isn't worth it. He is talented and skilled. I can't take that away from him. However, to say he is worth 5 million is utterly ridiculous.

I have watched enough games of Ales Hemsky to know what he is all about. Funny, the vast majority of the hockey fans think the same as I do regarding Hemsky. The minority, reside in Edmonton.

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