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03-08-2013, 02:48 PM
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I always found it funny that Canadians are so adamant to have a team move into Canada...Yes, it would fill the arena but if you all think attendance is the primary revenue concerns you are sadly mistaken. The truth is as long as you love hockey you should hope to hell that the southern American teams succeed and that we get more American teams (Portland/Seattle). The fact is TV viewership is already close to 100% in Canada and with the complete monopoly of media here as well as the low population the NHL cannot make any more money from Canada. More teams in the USA means higher dollar tv contracts which eventually translates into a greater acceptance of the sport in the US and further dollars. More money = better protection from KHL...

With that said it would be awesome if we could get a team in Quebec but i would suspect it would be after 2 more west/south american team.

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