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Originally Posted by hb11xchamps View Post
Bears fan here. What I can tell u is Oleksys game is strictly old school. He does not chip in offensively much in Hershey he is your classic rugged hard nosed defender. The guy clears people out of the crease, makes big hits, and sticks up for his teammates. There have been numerous times this year where Steve has went down the ice after someone who questionably hit a Bear and fought them. And with his small size he normally wins a lot of his fights. I don't see him keep getting points but he will continue to hit and hit a lot. I really hope he keeps it up. Great guy and great teammate

On another note I'm sure McPhee had little to do with this signing I'm sure it mainly was Bear GM Doug Yingst, Oates, and Johansson
As someone who has seen Olie play in the neighborhood of 50-60 games in the ECHL I can second the thoughts of hb11. I am surprised that he got a shot but I am not surprised that he is playing like he is playing. "Old School" is a great description of Olie's game and unfortunately that doesn't seem to turn many heads in the NHL game anymore. I think Oates sees and appreciates what a guy like that can bring to his team. People have used the words "tough" and "angry" in the past few posts. Olie is a rare individual who can play tough but rarely gets angry and out of his game. He gets in WAY more fights for things done to teammates than anything done to himself. If he is personally "wronged" he doesn't run around and get his retribution. He knows there will be a time later to make his point. He doesn't take dumb penalties and hurt his team. He backs his teammates to the utmost. He thinks "D" first but will push the puck if the opportunity presents itself. His game doesn't go up and down so it wouldn't surprise me at all if what you have seen continues.

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