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03-08-2013, 03:00 PM
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Its all about the politics, Barrie on 2 way contract worth 900K, Zanon 2.25M, OBrien 2M etc on one way contracts.

Sacco/Management don't care about fielding the best team, they care about not looking bad on giving out ludicrous contracts and rewarding veterans over young players.

A similar situation happened to me in my high school years in lacrosse. I was the best goalie on the team by a large margin, but yet barely even saw the field because I was a freshman and the other goalie was a senior. I watched game after game that we would lose, I think we ended up winning like 4 games all year 3 of which I started. I think I got maybe 5 starts out of a possible 20-25 games. The next year when he was gone I got my chance and the team miraculously won 15 games. We went from crappy to a tied for league champs in one year. I'm not saying it was all me. The point of this rambling story is that our pigheaded coach didn't care about winning he cared about politics and not ruffling feathers. This is what we are dealing with right now on the Avs. We have a coach/management that is more committed to seniority and contract size than they are to fielding the best possible team. It has become strictly political and if we ever want to get better this has to change.

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