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03-08-2013, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Whalers Fan View Post

...I wouldn't worry about Mahalak being our playoff goalie. If that happens, it means that Ned would have either fallen apart or become injured, and our playoff hopes would be gone anyway.
Ok then, awesome! What a blessing for the fans to have our hopes realized. Good stuff.

Originally Posted by Whalers Fan View Post
Yes, nothing beats the excitement of playoff hockey. The play is much more intense, and every good or bad play is magnified. One bad bounce of the puck can send the better team home....
I can relate. My beer-league playoffs start next week!

I said I was getting to the last home games and was out of money, but for sure gonna try for Sunday. Something about the matinee games are especially enjoyable (and it's not just getting drunk by 4:00 pm ). Too bad it's not with SSM, I like playing/watching that team.

I would love to see Trocheck win the scoring title. That would be frosting to a delicious season so far, and I'm hoping playoffs will be the sprinkles!

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