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03-08-2013, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by snowave View Post
here's the current attendance numbers for this season so far... Ducks are 25/30.. it still sucks, but at this point, better than the last couple I think at this point.

And sorry, no... I don't blame it on the economy. The whole country is in the tank right now..people will spend their money where they want, and hockey isn't generally where they are spending it in Anaheim.
Originally Posted by snowave View Post
That's what I've been saying,too... along with my wife (relatively new hockey fan), and a few hockey friends.. this team is boring as hell to watch this year. Part of the game is missing, if you ask me. And no, I'm not talking about just fighting...
Originally Posted by snowave View Post
I will always be a Ducks fan.. but that doesn't mean I have to be a puppet and pretend this is exciting hockey, just because they are my favorite team and winning. Winning is not everything to me in this sport. I love the sport of hockey, and ALL aspects of it.

I will likely still record and watch every game.. I just may hit the FF button a few more times.
Originally Posted by snowave View Post
Originally Posted by snowave View Post
Ok, my last post on the subject...

I can't speak for everyone else, but when I say this team is sometimes boring to watch, it has very little do with winning or how well they are doing in the standings. I know some of you can't separate those things, or even entertain (pun intended) the idea that a team that's near the top of the league is boring to watch...

But, it's really that simple- for me at least. I just have certain criteria as to what I consider 'exciting' hockey (which I've already stated what that is). It doesn't mean I'm pissed they're winning or think they'd be better or worse with a different style, or hate this team.

My "argument" is ONLY that when I'm sitting on the couch for 3 hrs, (while I'm happy about the wins) I'm often not very excited/entertained with the STYLE of hockey they are putting on the ice. Winning is great, and sure... for most that's what it's all about in the end... I just wish it was more fun for me to watch. Sorry if some of you just don't understand/accept that.

for what it's worth, GO DUCKS!
I'm honestly not trying to troll you, but these are all your posts in the thread, and you haven't actually stated once exactly WHAT you want for an exciting game. Do you ONLY need hitting? Or is it abrasive play? Or gooning? Will you trade goal scoring/winning for that physicality? Is it the defensive system being played? Do they have to be a top 5 physical team instead of a top 1/2 physical team like they are? Is it that they are NOT exciting to you, or just not as exciting as they could be? I'm honestly just curious about opinions, I wish Dirk would pop back in and address my actual points as well.

I think everyone can admit that the Cup team was extremely entertaining because they were highly skilled WITH physicality and WITH gooning. Those teams are very rare.

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