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Originally Posted by Knights77 View Post
Well said. He churns up junk to get people going. I have learned long ago to read it and then just walk away. He is a putz. The unfortunate thing is that people from other markets think that because a London beat writer is putting on paper, that London fans think his way too. Couldn't be further from the truth.
Again, goes back to my "He's getting you talking" comment. For all some of us know, he could be a really nice guy that just puts out an opinion column. Not everyone is going to agree with it. Just because he has an opinion doesn't make him a "putz" or anything else.

In other words, 'financial advantage' is obviously justified when it's done within the rules = London.
'Financial advantage' is not legitimate when it violates league rules = Windsor.
Like he said, this just shows that if money is going to the league directly, it's okay. If it's going to a player that'll help the league, it's not okay. It comes down to "show me the, not the player, ME!"

The product is quite poor to where it was in the mid 2000's late 2000's. In general nobody really cares about the OHL now it's directed by a dinosaur that has not kept up with the changing marketplace.
I don't think Brampton moving had anything to do with the product. They were simply in a market where it was tough to sell a team.

The level of care about the OHL is still there, but it's becoming so big that it's tough for the average family to hit a game on a regular basis. They're keeping up with the times, but not the economy.

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