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03-08-2013, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
Dude, looking at their games as a whole, Eller is twice the player Desharnais is. The only thing Desharnais can do is pass. Eller can pass, shoot, hit and play defense. Desharnais is weak in every other area, though he is the better passer.

You obviously haven't watched the games this year.

Decisions have to be made. You can't have Desharnais, Gallagher and Gionta in your top 6. To me, Gionta is out. And Eller is moving into the top 6. Desharnais should be great at wing.
i agree with you on everything except for the Desharnais
being great at wing part lol. If Desharnais stays in montreal
he's playing as center and nothing else. Thats his position
and it will always be. Yes he can play wing but he never did
and never will in my opinion because of his playmaking skills and
because he's just not made for wing. Now that being said
because of his size and having Pleky, Chucky and Eller moving up
on center. Desharnais is going to have to produce like hell for him not
to get traded ''UNLESS'' Plekanec gets traded and Bergy decides to keep
Desharnais but we'd have to always keep him with Paches and another
big winger on our top 2 lines.
Now if they do that, Eller will have to stay 3rd because Chucky is obviously
going to be better in the years to come. Now, will it be better to keep Eller
on 3rd just for Desharnais or to trade Desharnais to make place for Eller on
the top 2 center positions for the future when Pleky gets old??
That varies on different opinions. In my opinion because of Desharnais size
and because of Eller and Chucky moving up. I'd trade Desharnais. but then again
its decided on preference. If you want to make Montreal a bigger team
you need to get rid of Desharnais. if you want montreal to be more in a finest
style team you keep Desharnais. but the problem is that we already have Gally.
Dumont is coming up next year. idk i say we trade Desharnais

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