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Originally Posted by MTP View Post
I find it hard to justify spending 1/8th of your salary on a single player unless he's a world class talent. Getzlaf is one of the better centers in the west but he's had consistency issues his entire career and his current hot streak has a lot to do with this contract. In a $70m+ cap league, this contract is at least understandable. When it drops to $64m, it becomes atrocious.
In principle I agree with you, but as has been said, somebody was going to pay him that much... whether he's really worth it or not. 1Cs don't exactly grow on trees, and if they didn't re-sign him who do they replace him with?

It's just the new rules... they're going to have quite an effect on how teams look contractually from here on out.... I think in time we are actually going to start seeing fewer and fewer teams that are stacked with talent like we are now, and that talent is going to get spread around a little more evenly.

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