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03-08-2013, 04:08 PM
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I think I posted what I like a little more in another thread where the "boring hockey" came up.


Yes, I like physical play, I like fights.. multi dimensional players .. teams that stick up for their players more... and yes, I like scoring, good passing, too.

I don't like defensive trap hockey , dump and chase stye when it's not working... and defensemen that don't clear the crease.I like big, stronger defensemen.

I'm not saying the Ducks don't ever display this type of hockey or meet any of these things I listed.. or... that their style of hockey isn't sucessful in the standings... but overall, again... there's enough of it to be very noticeable to myself, my wife and a couple of my non-forum hockey friends.. as well as a few people on these forums. So.... take it for what it's worth.. which again, is what eash of us individually consider entertaining or boring.

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