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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
Overtime before it was beyond terrible. There was no reason for teams to try to score and potentially risk losing the point they had already earned, so teams just sat on the puck. It was a pointless 5 minutes.

I'll add that I absolutely detest the term 'loser' point. It is NOT a point for losing, rather it is a point for a TIE in regulation. Following regulation, which I'll add is the part of the game that is played 5 on 5, they way hockey is meant to be played and throughout the playoffs, a BONUS point is rewarded. Each team gets a tie point, then another gets a bonus point.

The NHL still has ties, they've just done a good job of covering them up.
This pretty much sums it up in every way. I also hate the term loser point. The game is virtually a tie.

OT in the past was unbearable to watch. If you think the trap is boring.

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