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03-08-2013, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike2000z28 View Post
Isn't anyone else tired of the goaltending and blaming everything on it. Every year for the past years that i can remember its always goaltending this and that. The Truth is its the team in front of the goalie for the most part. Isn't it obvious at this point look no further than 2010 as a prime example. Other teams have won cups with one hit wonder goalies so to speak. The team isn't consistent at all and no backup goalie isn't helping that situation on our starting goaltender.

Im tired of hearing other teams fans talk about ah philly hasn't had a goalie since Pelle, who gives a crap? So Ray Emery and Cory Crawford are vezina candidates now? Why did we let Emery go if he is so good? Its the team in front of you and thats about it.
There's a middle ground between overspending for Bryz and the complete cheapness of Boosh/Leighton.

As far as Emery, many believed that his career was over after that hip injury he had. The fact that he's playing at this level is pretty remarkable.

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