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03-08-2013, 04:42 PM
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I think Tambi is here for at least 1 more season after this. If he did not improve the 29th place team at all, and still got a multi-year extension, i would say that this has all been part of the plan. I am sure Katz doesn't care about winning at this point. He sells out every game, and i bet he makes just as much of marketing another young star like Jones or Mackinnon than he does from playoffs.

Did anyone really think that the same team that came in 29th last year would be that much improved by adding two rookies? As painful as it is for a hardcore fan, i have accepted the inevitable, and now just really hope that this is the last tank job. At least in a 48 game season it is slightly less painful.

Now just looking at the positives! The original big 3 are playing pretty well with the switch from sheltered minutes, to now facing other teams top lines. Nuge will get going again, and i love that he has been a defensive giant this season. Just playing them like this alone is keeping our wins down, as i am sure that line would be much more productive if they were playing against lesser comp. Both of our rookies are playing well also.

Last July after the Smyth signing, Tambi was asked the question if he would make a big splash in free agency, and he replied something along the lines of "I am not sure we are there yet, probably next year". Seems like this is the plan, and i really hope it is the last time this is allowed to happen.

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