Thread: Value of: Corey Perry [Read the OP!]
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03-08-2013, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
~60M 7yrs. (~8.5 cap).
i can see teams offering a bit more, but not much.

as for where, eastern canada (well, central canada, but in NHL terms it's eastern canada). Pick a team.

Ottawa: +has a center for him, +closeish to peterborough, +practically unlimited capspace, +young star in karlsson, +less crazy media than big canadian markets, +marc methot london dynasty teammate, +perry clan has relatives in ottawa that are sens STH's. -owner appears to be getting frugal since personal money issues, -small market revenues, -small market exposure

Montreal: +grew up a habs fan, +many good young players, best team in eastern canada right now, +big market exposure, +big market spending power to get him and build contender, +brandon prust london dynasty teammate, -big market media, -farther from peterborough than ontario teams, -no elite playmaking center

Toronto: +closeish to peterborough, +very close to london (his second offseason home), +big market exposure, +big market spending power, -no elite playmaking center, -big market media
+Elite center* Montreal(Gachenyuk)

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