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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
I couldn't disagree more. Individual skill can be very hard to assess if not done under equivalent conditions. An individual is always going to look better if they are playing as part of a well practiced, succesful system.

To give you another example you have argued many times that the game is more international now, that the difference between playing in NA and Europe is not that great any more and that the KHL is only slightly behind the NHL in terms of talent. Last year you stated that in your opinion Roman Cervenka was the best player in the world who was not in the NHL. That was your assessment of his individual talent based on your observations of his play in the KHL.

I think we have seen enough of Roman now to say that your ability to assess individual talent as well as the average skill level in the KHL is not very good. Don't lose heart though, as I said making assessments accurately is very hard and even pro scouts get it wrong all the time, so it is hardly surprising that you were off.

Here's the thing, I think you would admit that you are a huge USSR / Russia hockey fan and that you have biases as most fans do. Because you are such a big fan it is hard to take seriously your observations of how good Russian / Soviet players are unless they are backed up by some sort of fact or statistic, as you always overstate how good your players were and understate the accomplishments of your nemesis, Canada. Just say'n it like it is.
Again, a player's innate talent is easy to assess regardless of situation.
Prep time, unfamiliarity with a style of game, etc., have the ability to alter effectiveness, but innate talent is easy to spot in those situations regardless.

Example? Evander Kane. An NHLer whose skill-set, strengths and weaknesses were easy to evaluate in the KHL. True, he was a really crappy KHLer, but I'd never say he is a crappy hockey player; just a player who skills didn't adapt well.
On the flip side, according to your "judge talent by NHL means only", Kane is a 100% better hockey player than Cervenka?

BTW, I stand by my Cervenka statement. Since the topic was "best player not in the NHL", NHL performance was excluded from my criteria......similarly to how a player's KHL performance would be irrelevant in a "Best NHLer" poll.

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