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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I was the only one to say anything about it in the GDT. It was the first thing that I said about the play, I said it twice to see if anyone would bite but no one said a word about that pass. So let's not act like it's the french media and francophones. I'm a francophone and I consider PK to be easily the best player on the team by a mile, and I've thought that for a while now. And let's not forget there are quite a few people here who don't seem to think he was even worth 3M (southernsomething and ECHWKSKJIJOJLKMLK). As far as I know they aren't francos. Let's not make this into a language thing.

Yet, afaik, no one said anything about it in the GDT.
link, thank you.

Shows how much you know ti gars.

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