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07-25-2006, 09:59 PM
svetovy poharu
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Hello Jukka,

Yes, there seems to be quite a bit of inconsistency concerning the statistics from the earlier WC tournaments. That has been a major problem for me in trying to find accuracy from a single source. Unfortunately, the IIHF does not keep stats from these early WC's.

As for the 1937 Great Britain team, these are the goal scorer totals I have found from the Times of London goal scoring summaries (which also included complete line-ups and sometimes the assists).

Gordon Dailley - 9 goals
Edgar Brenchley - 9 goals
Alex Archer - 8 goals
John Davey - 7 goals
Archibald Stinchcombe - 5 goals
Jimmy Anderson - 3 goals
Norm McQuade - 3 goals
James Chappell - 3 goals
Jimmy Kelly - 2 goals
Paul McPhail - 1 goal

Hope this helps somewhat, despite all the confusion. I apologize for that, Jukka.
It is a mess but at least we are trying to clear up some of the problems.

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