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03-08-2013, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by parabola View Post
What? If anything the server issue is the reason you should be asking for a refund not the city sizes. The city size issue was known before launch, it was well documented in screenshots and videos that the cities were really small.

The online servers being jammed on the other hand is preventing you playing a game you bought... Also with "non-essential" features being removed it's also not the game they advertised. That's a reason to get a refund.
City size is why I didn't buy, not the always online (which I knew would be an issue).

Sad part is I was hoping they would increase size but everything i've read says the way they developed the agent AI makes it almost impossible to increase the city size. Very very unimpressed with the decision to have the population as individual agents. Just a terrible idea given the resources it requires and how difficult it is to program them to do anything remarkable.

Also looks like EA is pulling all active marketing for the game:

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