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03-08-2013, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Bruins Stooge View Post
Went to SHM at Barclays monday night. The production value was phenomenal, lasers, lights, smoke cannons, pyrotechnics, the video boards. Seb and Axwell played drums at different points, which was pretty cool. The planning of the sound quality could have been a little better, the volume was perfect in the lower bowl and floor, but from what I understand in the upper bowl, it was about half as loud. Otherwise fun show. THis was a great show, but I'd have to say I had more fun at their first MSG show last year, that was insane.
Unfortunately, I heard the set was the exact same every night too.. I guess this was more of a "performance" than a gig.

Originally Posted by heutZe View Post
Yup. Lights/lasers/smoke > sound.

That's why club gigs blow away stage shows and festivals. They are longer, they cost less, sound is better and you can actually dance with your entire body, not just your fists.
Especially on the main stages of festivals.. They'll typically play pretty mainstream stuff as well..

I would take a club gig over a festival gig any day, but I absolutely love the environment of a festival

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