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03-08-2013, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by AintLifeGrand View Post
Bogosian 1st half of 2009 (wpg fans probably have no recollection of this )> Josi

Josi 2013> The rest of Bogosians Career
First off: I want to say that people who say Josi is scrap parts, is just ignorant or doesn't know better. Josi is pretty ****ing valuable; I agree.

BUT, no offense... you are doing exactly in the second sentence what you are underlyingly accusing Jets' fans in doing in your first sentence...

Bogosian last season was as good if not better than Bogosian in the first half of 2009.
Their defensive coach (Huddy) made a priority in improving Bogosian, going over hours and hours of video together and such, and it seemed to put Bogosian on track.

Offensively this and last season Bogosian has done better for even strength and powerplay between the two D.
In fact, last season Bogosian was 13th in even strength points per icetime... 9th if you take out defensemen sheltered from top 6 match-ups.

They've both been used similarly, in a predominately defensive role... facing mostly top6 minutes and mostly working in the d-zone.
Last season Bogosian's #1 partner was Stuart; who's a #6 on most teams (would have been Hainsey but their injuries lined up to prevent much play together). This season it's Hainsey; who is a 4/5 tweener depending on the team.
Roman has had Kevin Klein, who'd I'd say is debatably better than Hainsey and for sure better than Stuart, and Weber, who is a ****ing beast of a #1.

Yet even though they've had similar work levels, and Josi having far better D partners (and goalie... but that's a whole other topic), they have come to almost identical defensive results...

IMO... I like both... a lot a lot. I would love to see an all-star top4 (I know it would never happen) of:
Josi - Bogosian

That'd be sweet

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