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Originally Posted by doug88 View Post
Ronny Keller, a swiss defenseman playing for the EHC Olten in the NLB, got pushed head first against the boards during a playoff game. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery. Doctors said there's only 50% chances he could walk again..

Here's a link to a swiss article where there's a video of the hit
Definitely a very sad story !! **** happens ! and sometimes in a dramatic way.

Ok first off I feel horrible for the kid and dont wish this on anyone, but obviously everybody on here is either blind or never played hockey before maybe both. Where is there a push, Keller engages the other guy with a shoulder check and the forechecker had more momentum and keller saw him the whole way initiated contact but was simply overpowered. Anyone who's ever played hockey knows to brace yourself against the boards and absorb the impact. Unless your Chara, Pronger or a Weber where those boys have the strength to pull that play, its unfortunate but his own fault. This video should be shown to kids everywhere about how to take a check properly. I thought the same thing when I first looked at it on a blurry internet video, but once I saw it in HD I completely changed my mind.

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