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Originally Posted by Captain Saku View Post
Didn't seem to me similar type of Left Backs at all. Tissot is very fast and seemed to be very offensive minded while Brovsky has almost close to 0 offense and very responsible defensively.
Sorry. I meant to say Technically. The way they run with the ball at their feet, their first touch, the way they dribble with the ball. and pass it around. From what I have seen, they both rarely go for long the long balls, they keep it short.

With Brovsky though, he was drafted as a defensive mid, and Marsch converted him to a left back. I completely agree with you, we can clearly the defensive mid come out of him lol. Thats one thing I really have yet to get used to here in Montreal. The full backs in all the other teams seem to be way more offensive than ours. But the truth is, our players & system do not really suit that play. The team goes with a 1 striker formation, who isn't the tallest, and both our starting full backs are converted defensive mids (Camara CDM->CB->RB & Brovsky CDM->LB).

I am intrigued to see what Zarek's role will be this year. Barely seen him play preseason. Doesn't seem as flamboyant in the media. He still is very young. I still don't remember why he got benched last season. If I remember well, I think it was because we had all our CB's healthy, So Matteo was pushed out to Left Back, and Brovsky was just better than Zarek, so he got the spot at RB. Showed some good promise. Still remember that goal against Colombus to tie the game, before eventually having Justin Mapp (!!!!) win a penalty in the 86th minute that Bernier slotted in.

I'm also hoping that Nesta helps a lot off the field. That he helps the current players, like Ouimette, but also Montreal's reputation in Europe once he leaves. Hopefully thanks to Nesta we will still be able to get in contact with European/Italian talents.

Got plans with Friends.. Missing both the Habs & Impact game tomorrow Haven't missed a full Habs game in literally 3 years. I normally always find a way to see atleast 10 minutes of it. Same with the Impact.

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