Thread: Value of: Corey Perry [Read the OP!]
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03-08-2013, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by mich25 View Post
Perry is high demand. 7.825 mil might be what he's worth right now, but IMO he will easily get more especially from a team that has a lot of cap space. He may be willing to take a little less than what he can get though if he goes to a team that is a contender or built to be one for a few years...and if that's the case I think it's somewhere between 8-8.5 mil/yr but if wants more than he will get it from someone.
Sadly, I agree. I said AAV of 7.825 because that's what he deserves, but teams will throw out ridiculous figures. With that being said, look at the career numbers, between Parise and Perry.

-0.81 PPG
-+/- +55
-189 PIMS
-214 hits

-0.81 PPG
-+/- +47
-688 PIMS
-244 hits

These guys have amazing similar numbers, but Perry can hurt your team with penalties, and, this is my opinion, Parise is the better two-way player and leader. I don't know why a team should pay Perry any MORE than Parise.

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