Thread: Proposal: Evander Kane for Phil Kessel
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03-08-2013, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by v00d00daddy View Post
I don't care who would do the trade or not but people need to realize that Kessel put up more points than Kane when he was 21 (in fewer games no less) AND has put up 4 straight 30 goal seasons AND was a point per game player last year where he put up 12 fewer assists than Kane had points. (Kane 57 pts, Kessel 45 assists)

Not to mention that Kessel is outscoring him again this year when he's not even playing all that well every night.

Kane MAY become the better player but right now he's not even close to being in Kessels league.
Kane is 21 this year, he was 20 last season. In Kessels 20 year old year he had 37 points in 82 games. Last year at 20 Kane had 57 points in 74 games.

Kane is a better player than Kessel this year. Unless you think Kessels .02 ppg over Kanes is worth the much less physical play? Or the worse defensive game?

So we have a guy with 10 times as many hits (in 2 less games ) with a +2 on a team thats -11, that is a top penalty killer.

Or the guy with .02 ppg higher that is scared of going into corners and who doesn't Pk at all. Minus 2 on a team that's plus 10.

How exactly is Kessel better this year?

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