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03-08-2013, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
yea, so he just confirmed what i thought .... Benn doesn't fit to Jagr at all, all Jagr goals are from deflections from goalies - just a luck pretty much, Benn doesnt make passes at all in offenzive zone, he just go to the net, i dont say its always bad, but with someone like Jagr... what a waste

i'd rather see Eriksson,Eakin, Jagr
you don't really want make Jagr play something else, you want to let him play what worked for him for over 35 years
No offense, but do you even watch the Stars games? I'm sure its hard in Czech Republic, but your analysis is way off base.

Also I know this may be hard for some of you Jagr-only followers to understand... but its not all about Jagr you know? Jagr's scored a ton of goals off great passes from Benn. The issue is more that Jagr hasn't been feeding Benn well because Benn hasn't been open like Jagr wants him to be. His quote has nothing to do with Jagr's production, he's not complaining about Benn not making passes to him. He's saying Benn isn't in place for Jagr to pass to because Benn's still figuring out how Jagr plays.

The fact you took that quote as Benn not being a good compliment to Jagr's goal scoring just shows how ridiculous it is for someone who's not even a fan of the team to judge things off quotes alone.

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