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Originally Posted by Sameheda View Post
Someone mentioned an interesting point on Reddit yesterday that basically said that Babs has setup Datsyuk's line as a shutdown line to the best offensive lines of the opposing team.

"Babcocks post game pretty much sums up why cleary and abby are with datsyuk despite their lack of points. He said he is using datsyuks like as a shutdown line against top lines neutralizing the oppositions best players. He is not relying on it for offense, he is relying on it to make sure other teams dont score. That sounds pretty Datsyukian to me. Maybe that is why the wings GA has been around 1.2 over the last 7 or 8 games and the other teams top guys cant manage to score on us. If you drag your mind away from the offense (only 1/2 of hockey) and look at the defense you see that a abby-pav-cleary line is an incredibly strong defensive unit.

Perhaps Babcock had a chat with Datsyuk in the last month about what its going to take to win games. Being the player that Datsyuk has been for the last 11+ years im sure he was more than willing to sacrifice the points to make sure they win games. Instead of playing with Tatar who would produce more points than abby/cleary but will give up more defensively."

Pretty good point, I'd say. Points are great from shutdown units, but if we can keep their team from scoring, while getting production from a good 1st and 3rd line...

if i would want to watch rubbish like this i would watch live chess matches. taking the entertainment out of a hockey team let the ppl fall asleep in front of the tvs.
watching the wings at the moment is like watching someone playing hockey manager. has something to do with hockey but is boring like hell.

the last 5 games i fell asleep or switched over to exciting games like philly vs penguins. i dont go often into hockey arenas but i cant imagine spending 50 dollar for watching 60 minutes of hockey chess.

and just trying to destroying the game of the opponent instead of playing the game your way is not a feature or a heroic achievement it is only showing you the lack of skills to beat the opponent.

i am surprised that babcock is admitting the lack of skill on a direct way like that.

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