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07-26-2006, 12:46 AM
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$5M is good award. The key now is whether Lou thinks he can sign Gomez long term. Remember they can't officially sign anything until January. In the mean time NJ still has a awful lot of work to do. At $46,025,000 they still need a backup, plus Hale, Martin & Gionta are not all going to sign for a combined $2M+. Before any of them can be signed something will have to give.

If Lou thinks he can sign Gomez long term maybe he offs a Marshall, Weimer and either a Rafalski or Madden. The Arbitrator gave Lou a break. Another $500T+ and the look of things and the prospect could have changed dramatically. It still may.

Hey look at it tis way, the Gomez & the NJD cap situation has kept everyone in the metro NY area occupied that we've all forgotten about what's going on over at Survivor Isle, Wang style.

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