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Originally Posted by douglast5 View Post
It does matter, every team has 64m cap hit. But smaller market teams couldn't afford to fill it because of back diving contracts and how much the owners have to pay players.

If you have 3 players that take 5m cap your only losing 15m cap space. But you pay each player 15m (45m) that year its expensive. Your going to use less cap space because thats what you can afford.

But now you have 3 players (Perry/Getzlaf/Ryan) who each are 8.5m cap, your now using 25.5m cap space, but also only paying 25.5m to them. You now have 15m more to spend on players before reaching the same amount spent.

Crosby might not be a big deal, but compared to Minnesota. If they get Perry and Getzlaf they are paying more cap hit then them. But fork out less per year compared to Parise/Sutter and can afford more players. So for a team like Anaheim who is 20m under the cap can afford the cap rise while paying less per year so they are taking a cap hit, but paying less then other top players, hence why Getzlaf is cheaper(while on a team with cap space) then other players because he hurts his team less financially.
Yeah I understand all that, makes complete sense. I was basically referring to teams that can spend the money and are right up against the cap each year, because that is the situation my team is in. And what has me worried going forward with this cap being this low.

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