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03-08-2013, 08:21 PM
It's closing time.
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Originally Posted by lablite47 View Post
Now now, no need to bring god into the equation. Unless of course you intend on winning the Stanley cup with Ovy and Backstrom or the Sedin sisters as your nucleus, in that case you just might need him!

I was also talking of nucleus' of a team to build on, not the complete team. Alot of European players fit just fine as supporting staff. As Sting 13 says 'it's about building a good team with a mix of different players that work together.'' but I would add, with good Canadian kids that fit the mold and rank high on the criteria I mentioned in one of my previous posts as the nucleus'. Which again brings me back to my main point in this thread that I believe Chevy should pick the highest rated player with the highest rating in that same criteria. In my mind, this would be a Canadian prospect......
I disagree With the supporting cast comment!

LA won and their best 4 players were Quick (American), Kopi (euro), Doughty (Canadian), and Brown (American)...... Then the complementary pieces were Richie, Carter, Mitchelle, Scuderi......then the rest of the team IMHO. Boston had lots of Canadians but Thomas was the MVP (American) and Chara was their best skater (Transylvania......ok that was a cheap shot). detroit's last cup was euro dominated as far as their top players. Even the Sedin sisters were 1 game away from cup on home ice so although they are not my cup of tea it's not like they are blow outs. Ovi I will agree with you on. Very old and tired argument from the xenophobic Canadian Cherry heads.

Character and grit comes in all shapes, sizes, and nationalities.......I love my country and like good hard nosed Canadian hockey but it's time to get past this egocentric view.

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