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03-08-2013, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by SchennSational1022 View Post
Youd know more than me seeing as youre a ducks fan but it comes off as bobby ryan seeming to always be pissed at the ducks. His comments this summer was a clear indication, and i feel if given the chance to walk in 2 summers he will. If given a contract offer in seasons before that he could use typical wait till the last season on his contract to talk extension then walk. This is all speculation of what could happen with him, it happens with plenty of players.
He cleared it up afterwards. He was only frustrated with the constant trade rumors. Something he hasn't been and won't be a part of if Perry is moved. He hated always being nervous and worrying about possibly being traded. He has stressed many times to the media, to our management, and personally to the fans, that he wants nothing more than to stay in Anaheim and win a cup. Had a brief discussion with him on Twitter and he told me he definitely wants to stay a Duck. He even addresses the fanbase as DucksNation at times. I think he's proud to be a Duck. If Perry is moved he's gonna get a huge role on the team. First powerplay. First line sniper. More minutes. He's gonna have to fill in for Selanne AND Perry.

I promise you that if Perry is moved there isn't a shot in hell that Ryan moves. He's a fan favorite and a "cheap" scorer.

EDIT: Also, he's not ALWAYS mad at Anaheim. Just last year. The only other time I can think of him being upset with the organization was when he was sent down in 2006-2007 because Carlyle and Burke determined that he wasn't in NHL shape. But he fought hard in the minors and eventually earned his spot.

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