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03-08-2013, 09:00 PM
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From a former fighter in Juniors in Canada, I will weigh in.

I fought more than 80 times in 3 years, and usually heavyweight scraps....and I can tell you that it is one of the best feelings in the world to be invovled in.

I played a regular shift, but fighting was part of my game and I loved doing it. Every time I won, the team was on their feet, stands were wild (at home and away) and the game would usually get back to fast and great hockey rather than chippy etc...

I know it is a team sport with seperate individuals, but a hockey team functions as one with every player bringing something to the table. This means when the "enforcer" goes out there and fights, wins then the entire team plays a bit bigger, less fear and now can get in the other teams head.

I for one will likely not watch many games if they ever take fighting out of the NHL and Junior levels. The NHL would be dumb to let that happen as well, as they have lost major ground in popularity in the states. The UFC is one of the most popular sports and the NHL would lose that style of crowd if they banned fighting.

If you have never played in a league with fighting I do not believe you can have an educated opinion on fighting.

And as far as fighting ruining players later on in life, depression and brain issues, this is why the NHL has a great Insurance Policy and they make millions of dollars to fight. I'd give my left nut to drop the mitts in the show....

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