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Originally Posted by Have My Baby Pierre View Post
I take jack3d before I workout if I feel like I need the extra kick, but I recently started taking it again after not taking it for months since I ran out, and I don't get the same effect anymore. I did notice that the label said "new formula" when I bought it, but I just ignored it. It used to make me antsy as hell when I worked out, I kind of enjoyed it..don't get that from it anymore. Perhaps there was something dangerous they had to remove.
They recently re-formulated it. It's not crack in a bottle like it used to be . But yes there was absolutely something dangerous. It was the 1-3 Dimethylamylamine that they removed. Apparently it could make you test positive for amphetamines.

From Wikipedia:
The US military issued a massive recall of all methylhexanamine-containing products from all military exchange stores worldwide, after two soldiers suffered fatal heart attacks during training in 2010. Methylhexanamine was found in their blood.
The death of Claire Squires, a runner who collapsed near the finish line of the April 2012 London Marathon, has been linked to DMAA. The Coroner stated that DMAA was "probably an important factor" during the inquest. It is believed that she consumed the substance through drinking an energy drink, which was subsequently adjusted to exclude DMAA.

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