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03-08-2013, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Ubercron9000 View Post
Yes people are mostly obsessed by his small stature that they can't see how good he really is. Yes he sometimes gets knocked around but he is still pretty good at finding space. The guy is a playmaker but he can score goals.

He is 4th in team scoring so I have no idea what you mean by that statement. Completely false... he had a rough start but you can tell it was in his playing. Maybe not enough effort or he was not feeling well maybe it was because of the lockout.

DD is a top 6 forward! He isn't elite and is small and thats why people give him to little trade value. But some of the trades I hear are ridiculous! It is pure fleecing we might as well bend over and lubricate because if we trade him with some of these proposals we will see it coming.

A trade is possible if a team is really lacking a top 6 centre. A late 1st and 3rd would be ideal. He is RFA and could probably ask for a good 3 million which is really good. Anything less than that is ridiculous.

Just to note people obviously don't see DD play and just look at stats. He creates a lot of opportunities, it isn't like he is lucky to get points.
I've actually watched every game te last 2 years and although I like him his spot should be filled by someone else, I never once said he isn't a good player all I said is that he's the odd man out... He can't play first line, I hope no one here tries to argue that he is better then pleks. The second line spot should be given to chuckie who has shown his skills very well playing with 3rd and 4th liners and has incredible potential and he can't be a third line center Eller fills that role perfectly, I hope the Bergevin realizes this and doesn't spent 3+ million that could be used on a position of weakness on a position of significant strength and if we are gonna lose him might aswell get something for him

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